The Agility Challenge Podcast

With Daisy Peel

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Agility Challenge Tip #8 – To build hard skills, work like a carpenter
Agility Challenge Tip #7 – Figure out if it’s a hard or soft skill
Agility Challenge Tip #6 – Choose Spartan Over Luxurious
Agility Challenge Tip #5 – Be Willing To Be Foolish
Agility Challenge Tip #4 – Steal Without Apology
Episode #24: You think YOU’RE struggling with your mental game? What about your DOG?
Agility Challenge Tip #3 – Spend 15 minutes a day engraving the skill on your brain
Agility Challenge Tip #2 – Ignition, And Staring At Who You Want To Become
Agility Challenge Tip #1 – Get A Notebook

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Podcast Reviews

Agility handlers and trainers love this podcast! We think you will too! Check out some of the reviews!

Exactly what I needed to hear

Thank you so much for the podcasts, they are eye-opening and exactly what I needed to hear. The mental stage is definitely a big issue for me as my dog has high levels of arousal that make me even more nervous. Since listening to your podcasts, we both have improved our mental game and I dare to try out more and let him run by distance, it seems to work. We had some great results lately and a much better connection, and no matter of, our runs are better and I am happy even when DQed. Please keep going, thank you for being our coach!


EVERY ONE of these podcasts is insightful

And each is worth listening to more than once. Thank you for the time and effort and being so forthcoming regarding personal challenges.

Linda Summersgill

Hit Home For Me

All that you have discussed in your podcasts hit home for me. These areas are my stumbling blocks. I know it is my own self talk that keeps our team from less failures and more successes.


Resonated With My Mindset So Much!

Each episode resonated with my mindset so much….feeling inadequate, actively being inactive, telling myself I don’t care! So all day today when those thoughts crept in I told myself they’re just thoughts and found the courage to move past mindset has changed I know my challenge and am ready to tackle it!

Keri Postlewait

Thought Provoking Discussion

Loved this. A really thought provoking discussion. It’s pertinent as well. Just started a new role which takes me out of my comfort zone. So it reminded me on some of the concepts I need to step back to!


Love this series!

Love this series. I have and am still in the process of conquering frustration and failure and turn it into energy for success. I also am used to lots of success in other worlds and I'm not used to not having that in the agility world.



Courage versus confidence really spoke to me. Thanks so much for this great podcast.

MAB Agility

Just What I Need To Hear

I am delighted to hear that you reinforce and elaborate on the basic themes of self-honesty and accountability every week. I've listened to all the episodes twice so far!

Amy Jenson

The mental workshop we didn't know we needed!

This is really hitting the pulse of the mental side of dog training and sports that we face. This is such a much needed podcast for the dog training segment of podcasts being offered.

Lucy H