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Episode #4: Confusion, Indecision, & The Firehose Of Information

In today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why confusion and indecision can be considered comfortable and ‘safe’ states of being
  • How to learn to listen to your inner wisdom and overcome learned helplessness
  • How to be your OWN coach and call BS on yourself!

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  • All that you have discussed in your podcasts hit home for me. These areas are my stumbling blocks. I have been learning the techniques etc of agility, have two very nice dogs who will do whatever I ask. I know it is my own self talk that keeps our team from less failures and more successes. Podcast 4 really hit home, ie. Confusion, learned helplessness. I will be going back and listen again and again to all 4 podcasts. I was at a national competition and crumbling from bad self talk, verbiage from old garbage. I could not find a way out of it and our runs were swirling the drain. I felt horrible for my dog. My daughter texted a recorded affirmation about 10 minutes long that was created for competitors in competition. It put new words in my brain. We won our next run. I went out of that run completely stunned.

    • Chris, that’s a great story! Just a great example of how our thoughts and feelings direct our actions. Change those thoughts and feelings, change your actions, change your results! Thank you for a great example.

  • EVERY ONE of these podcasts is insightful. And each is worth listening to more than once. Thank you for the time and effort and being so forthcoming regarding personal challenges.

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